Excerpted from Robert Baude's "An Alleged Wife"

Letter denying Quok Shee admission to the United States.
Records of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, RG 85, NARA Pacific Region [San Francisco]

"On September 5 Quok Shee and her "alleged husband" were interrogated by the Chinese Division of the United States Immigration Service. The interrogation was an expected—and dreaded—part of the entry process for most Asians. The standard interrogation always contained a minimum of fifteen to twenty questions; Chew was asked more than one hundred.

There were two initial interrogations: one for Quok Shee and a separate one for Chew Hoy Quong. Both were conducted by Inspector J. B. Warner (through interpreters) and stenographer H. F. Hewitt. Quok Shee's case file contains the verbatim transcripts of both interviews."

Whereabouts in Hong Kong did you marry this woman?
Chew Hoy Quong: Number 20 Wah Hing Street—west.

How was the bedroom lighted?
C: From a window in the hall.
Quok Shee: The bedroom was lighted from a window in front of the building.

How was the parlor lighted?

C: From a window facing the street.
Q: From a window in front of the building.

How was the parlor furnished?

C: One table, two chairs, one mantel clock; that is all.
Q: Clock and round table, 4 chairs, American, one cuspidor and looking glass.

Did you ever visit your home village after you married this woman?

C: Yes. I went home once.
Q: Yes. A number of times. I don't remember how many times.

How long did you remain?

C: Altogether six days, that is, including the time it took to go back and forth.
Q: 10 some odd days—a number of times.

Have you any children who you claim as yours?

C: My blood brother, Chew Kai Quong, gave one of his sons to me, who I adopted. I now, at this age, will probably have no children and therefore he gave me this boy to look after the ancestral service at home. . . . My brother brought him to Hong Kong to bid me good bye before I left for the United States.

Did he visit your home?

C: Yes.

How long did he remain there?

C: They stayed in the same building during his visit, on the second floor—Sun Chung Co.
Q: I don't know. They never mentioned it.

Are you positive this woman is your wife?

C: Yes.

You were married according to the Chinese custom?

C: I was married according to the Chinese new custom.

What is the Chinese new custom?

C: Chinese custom except there is no worshipping.

Are you positive you are not bringing this woman to the United States for an immoral purpose

C: Yes.


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