As I look ahead to the changes in my life, what can I do with all this experience that will be challenging and fulfilling?

Does this sound familiar? It does to the thousands of TTN women who are looking ahead to “what’s next,” just like founders Charlotte Frank and Christine Millen did over ten years ago. After long and successful careers, Charlotte and Christine were ready to refocus themselves on something new, something more flexible and something gratifying. But what? And how would they go about discovering and following that new passion?

Charlotte and Christine began meeting regularly with a small group of their friends. They talked about coming to grips with the fact that their lives were changing. And they supported each other as they began to develop their own individual visions for what’s ahead. As they realized the value of these gatherings, they also found that there were many women they knew who were asking the same questions about this next stage of their lives.

So they created a new community for women who are losing the connections they built through their work or while they were raising their families. These women are seeking to find a new community that will support them as they move ahead to embrace new dreams in the next stage of their lives.

The Transition Network serves women over 50, the vast majority of whom have had careers. These are women with the potential to change the world, to change each other and change the wider community.

Through our local chapters, TTN offers community – a candy store of opportunities for women to realize themselves. TTN members connect for friendship, intellectual growth, entertainment and advocacy on issues important to women. It’s a place where women explore their next step and become inspired to take on the challenges of continuing to contribute to their own circle, to the wider community of TTN and to the world. And each woman can choose her own path. For their pivotal role in launching and growing The Transition Network, Chris and Charlotte were recognized as aCivic Ventures Purpose Prize Fellows with co-founder Charlotte Frank in 2006.

Mission: The Transition Network is an inclusive community of professional women, 50 and forward, whose changing life situations lead them to seek new connections, resources and opportunities. Through small group interactions, programs and workshops, members inspire and support each other to continue a life of learning, engagement and leadership in the world.







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