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Women Serving the Military
Women Serving the Military




The Red Cross recruited over 200,000 nurses, enrolled them in the Red Cross Nursing Service, and certified 71,000 who served in the Army and Navy Nurse Corps.  Red Cross nurses provided critical health care services to civilians on the home front.

Red Cross Mobile Group K

On the left, American Red Cross Clubmobile Group K workers brings European Theater of Operation troops candy and cigarettes
“from the folks back home.”

In the image to the right are Red Cross nurses in London load dehydrated blood into a van on
the first stage of its journey to the first Army in North Africa.

Red Cros Nurses in London

American Red Cross worker Alice Slingluff

"Overseas Job Lures Girls" article

On the far left is a photo of American Red Cross worker Alice Slingluff stationed in New Guinea. Soon after she contracted pneumonia and died in October 1944.

To the left is a newspaper clip entitled “Overseas Job Lures Girl,” newspaper
unknown, December 1944.







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 Photo Credits (L to R): #1: The Women's Memorial, #2: American Red Cross, #3-4: Women's Memorial

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