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women in the military
Women in
Military Service

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an army nurse and doctor at Camp Livingston, Louisiana

In the photo on the left, an army nurse assists a doctor at the station hospital, Camp Livingston, Louisiana.

In the photo on the right, the first Navy flight nurse to reach Iwo Jima ministers to casualties awaiting evacuation, March 1945.

Navy flight nurse at Iwo Jima in 1945

Nurses knew they might serve overseas in combat zones.  The work was exhausting and the living conditions were challenging. In the photo below on the left, army nurses practice “abandoning ship” as part of basic survival training, Camp Beale, California. In the photo below on the right, army nurses leave England for embarkation to Normandy.

Nurses practice "abandoning ship"

Nurses leave England for Normandy

Below, left, army nurses rest after setting up their tent in Southern France.
Below, right, army nurses treat the wounded at Milne Bay, New Guinea, 22 July 1944.

nurses in France

Army nurses treat the wounded in Milne Bay, New Guinea, 1944


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 Photo Credits (L to R): #1: Army Nurse Corps Collection, Office of the Army Surgeon General,
#2: US Naval Historical Center, #3, 4 & 5: Women’s Memorial Foundation, #6: National Archives

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