We appreciate support in all forms and are especially grateful for financial support from individuals like you. Consider the following ways you can help us build our museum: Gift Membership, Donate Online, Donate by Mail, Donate by Phone and Planned Giving. -

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100% of the profits from our online store will directly benefit our ability to build the National Women’s History Museum on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Why is your support so critical at this time?

To secure a prominent site in Washington, D.C., we will need the formal approval of several government agencies. The federal government, however, is not underwriting the cost of this museum with taxpayer dollars. Instead, the National Women’s History Museum will have to raise no less than $150 million to build this museum privately — through the support of the American people. Before approval is granted, we need to demonstrate to Congress that we have your support and we have the ability to raise our full budget for construction.