National Women's History Museum President and CEO Wages to Transition at End of Year

For Immediate Release

Alexandria, Va. - National Womens History Museum announced today that President and CEO Joan Bradley Wages will transition from her position at the end of the year. As President & CEO of the National Women's History Museum (NWHM), Joan Bradley Wages leads the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating Americans about the diverse, historic contributions of women to our nations history and raising awareness about the critical need for a national women's history museum in Washington, DC.

Serving as a founding board member, and for the past 10 years as president and CEO, Wages has been a passionate and tireless champion of NWHMs efforts for 20 years. She worked with Congress to pass legislation, signed by President Obama in December 2014, that established a bi-partisan Congressional Commission to produce a feasible plan for the Museum. She also led the effort to introduce current legislation in both houses of Congress that would establish a womens history museum on the National Mall.

Joan has been a valuable part of the National Womens History Museums team almost from the beginning and we thank her for her dedication and service, said Board Chair Susan D. Whiting.Thanks to her generous advance notification, we have ample time to plan a smooth transition of her duties as we begin a national search for her replacement who can lead the organization in the next phase of its evolution.

"It has been a privilege to work on creating this Museum to honor our nation's women," Wages said. "I look forward to celebrating the Museum's opening."

NWHM is conducting a national search for Wages replacement, which it anticipates completing by January 1, 2018.


About the National Women's History Museum

Founded in 1996, the National Womens History Museum (NWHM, Inc.) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates, empowers and inspires future generations by telling the stories of women who helped build our country and is creating a movement that honors them in a Museum on the National Mall. For additional information visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.